We're Lovin' on Peloton

As they say, "Variety is the spice of life." At Vira Sun, we wholeheartedly believe this old adage to be true.

While we're firmly rooted in and extremely passionate about yoga, we embrace the need to challenge our bodies–and minds–by incorporating other physical activities into our exercise routine. It's a great way to shake up our metabolism, keep our muscles guessing, and meet tons of wonderful people.

One studio in particular that we’re absolutely in love with is Peloton, headquartered in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood. Peloton offers indoor cycling classes in your home (if you purchase their state-of-the-art bike), live in-studio sessions, and on-demand. Our team has been frequenting their 23rd Street studio for months now, and it was through these regular visits that we were able to form relationships with Peloton's amazing staff and instructors.

When Peloton was looking for a unique gift to give their employees at an end of summer soirée earlier this month, they asked if we would create a customized pair of co-branded shades just for them. We were absolutely honored and of course jumped at the chance to make it happen! To get that summery vibe and match their brand colors, we went with our clear translucent frame with orange mirror lenses and bamboo arms. We laser-etched their logo and ours on the temples, and added a fun "Summer 2015" call out on the inside arm to commemorate their team event.

Inscribed on the wall of their studio is this truth: “Riders in a Peloton work together, conserve energy and perform better because of one another." Teamwork definitely makes the dream work. Thanks for the support, Peloton!

To learn more, check out pelotoncycle.com or visit them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.