Vira Sun x Magda Love

We love creativity in all forms, especially when it comes from the paint brush of our talented friend Magda Love!

A Brooklynite by way of Bueno Aires, Magdalena Marcenaro (aka, Magda Love) is more than just a street artist. She forms "deeply textured narratives joining nostalgic images with sudden, emotional moments." Her work is aggressive yet playful, vibrant yet subdued. She is a juxtaposition with a happy-go-lucky disposition.

Magda Love recently hand-painted two pairs of shades for a special promotion we ran on Instagram. Two lucky winners received a pair of custom Vira Sun x Magda Love sunnies featuring an intricate floral pattern bursting with color.

Our fans were really excited about the collaboration, and so were we. So much so that we've decided to work on another special project with her that's slated to launch in mid September. Keep an eye out, because it's gonna be awesome!

In the meantime, check out more of Magda Love's work on her website, as well as Instagram and Facebook.